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Technical Tours

Friday, October 12

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Each technical tour will earn 2.5 PDHs. 

National Earthquake Information Center

Details to follow

Additional ticket: EB: $30 | ADV: $45 | ONS: $55

Platte to Park Hill

Stormwater Systems is taking a comprehensive approach to better protecting people and property against flooding while improving water quality and enhancing public spaces. Four projects are part of the Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems program:

  • Globeville Landing Outfall and Park
  • City Park Golf Course Redesign
  • 39th Avenue Greenway and Open Channel
  • Parkhill Detention

Each project is being designed independently, but is part of a coordinated construction process to realize cost savings and project efficiencies, as well as ensure compatibility with other nearby improvements. The total cost of the program is $298 million dollars. The tour will focus on two of the four projects.

City Park Golf Course is an 18-hole municipal golf course that is being redesigned to integrate approximately 220 Ac-ft of Stormwater Detention and Water Quality Features. The Project was procured as a design-build contract that Saunders Construction was awarded. Construction of this project kicked off late in 2017 and is on schedule to open at the start of summer in 2019.

After City Park Golf Course, we will travel to the downstream end of the 39th Avenue Greenway Project. This project will replace the city's aging infrastructure with green infrastructure that can better control stormwater and improve public safety and water quality. In addition to protecting neighborhoods from damaging floodwaters when storms hit, the greenway will provide other neighborhood benefits that will be enjoyed year-round including recreation space and a multi-use trail corridor. The project includes just under over 5,000 feet of open channel and approximately 1 mile of large storm drainage pipe and associated infrastructure. Construction challenges in this urban environment include land acquisition, environmental risks, traffic management, and community outreach. The project was procured as a design-build contract that SEMA Construction was awarded. Construction of this project will start in early Summer of 2018.

The tour will visit the most downstream section of the greenway where we should be installing large transition structures and reinforced concrete box conduits. The project connects at this end to the Globeville Landing Project which will have completed two 96” diameter borrings beneath 400’ of railway corridor.

Additional ticket: EB: $30 | ADV: $45 | ONS: $55

National Western Complex

We begin each tour with a short presentation, then proceed to a walking/ bus riding tour that takes roughly 60 mins. Below is a
sample agenda for tours:
1:20 pm – Arrival to room
1:30 pm – Introductions
1:35 pm – Campus Overview
1:45 pm – CSU Buildings Update
1:55 pm – WSSA Update
2:05 pm – Presentation close, hand out safety gear and begin tour
3:30 pm – End tour

Additional ticket: EB: $30 | ADV: $45 | ONS: $55

I-70 Expansion Project

Central 70 is a 10-mile interstate reconstruction project from Brighton Boulevard to Chambers Road. This project will widen the interstate to accommodate an additional express lane will be added in each direction. The aging viaduct between Brighton and Colorado boulevards will be removed and replaced with a blow grade section of roadway. Above this lowered section, a 4-acre cover park will be built between Columbine and Clayton streets, reconnecting the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood back to Denver.

Construction is started this summer and the tour will demonstrate some of the early work that is underway to prepare for the
widening of the interstate.

Additional ticket: EB: $30 | ADV: $45 | ONS: $55

Center for Infrastructure, Energy & Space Testing at the University of Colorado, Boulder

The center provides a centrally managed experimental testing facility offering geotechnical centrifuge, structural dynamics and materials testing. The facility boasts unique large-scale, fast loading rate, gravitational and environmental control capabilities.

Additional ticket: EB: $30 | ADV: $45 | ONS: $55

City of Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant

This facility serves the city of Boulder and treats an average of 12.5 million gallons of wastewater per day. Recent upgrades include an ultraviolet light disinfection system that replaces the previous chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide gas system. Another upgrade includes working with a local bear brewery on a pilot program to use byproducts from the brewery process in the wastewater treatment process to reduce nitrate discharge levels.

Additional ticket: EB: $30 | ADV: $45 | ONS: $55

Note: All tours require a fee to participate, payable while completing your online registration.

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